As the end of my studies at Letterkenny institute of technology drew to a close we had the opportunity to display our developed final product at the regional cultural center situated behind the An Griannan theater. I and my class mates had a great evening displaying and talking to student teachers and visitors about our time at the college and our finished work. as well as saying farewell to two of the design staffs members Collan Keegan and Michiel Drost two lecturers i was lucky enough to study under and who will no doubt be sorely missed at the institute.


I took the chance to display my work on the laserflare water safety device which uses g.p.s technology as well as visible laser technology in order to allow for detection of people lost at sea during daylight and night time hours both by transmitting the person under duress’s location with G.P.S and during dark hours emitting a laser into the sky allowing rescue personnel to detect the users whereabouts visually from miles away

WP_20150609_002 WP_20150609_003 WP_20150609_005

Above are a few pictures of my display.


Here are a couple of views of a weighing scales concept i worked on as part of a college brief

Design concept of a dehumidifier which was a project for college.

final rendering 3

final render 1

Just thought id upload a couple of my final solidworks renderings for a home cutlery sterilizer.

Just locked in for Offset 2013 in Dublin running from the 21st to the 23rd cant wait now sounds like an interesting time with a really diverse group of speakers

Heres there website.

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the hydra coach water bottle from sportline allows the user to become fully immersed in there hydration either during normal everyday life and in conjunction with an applied physical regimen. The hydration coach allows the consumer to watch and programme a delivery of liquid hydration throughout there day and week by allowing you to calculate your personal needs, track fluid consumption, ensure goals are met motivating proper hydration thereby enhanceing strength and endurance



The twist open wine cork by helix is a combination of the classic cork stopper and the quick and easy screw top which is becoming prevalent with a lot of wines today but considered a tragedy to wines connoisseurs globally. The agglomerated cork and threaded bottle neck form a tight seal keeping wine fresh while retaining the appeal and feel of a cork bottle along side ease of use.


This conceptual design for a braun food box seems quite versatile and has many intuitive accessories and abilities that i find handy. the food box has moveable slide in parts for the interior to separate foods while contained as well as somewhere to store them when not in use and is dishwasher safe.

braun solar food box

The food box also has a solar panel which powers two seperate areas of the inside one that keeps food warm and another which keeps food cold and fresh. The box can also be charged at home or on the move by plug or car charger. and can house a standard 500ml drink within aswell.



The chalk keeper concept by green technologies allows for people who use chalk boards to use it as a duster after which is used extract the dust collected inside itself and extrude out a new piece of chalk with which to use. Not only is this an excellent ecological and economical piece of hardware it also has health benefits as chalk dust can be harmfull with prolonged exposure and with people with underling respiratory problems.The chalk keeper uses heat and water to process new pieces.

This foldaway cookware which recieved an honourable mention in the reddot design awards this year is in my opinion a quirky answer to storage problems around the home these collapsible cooking pots designed by  Ricco Engineering International Inc., Taiwan are made from a stainless steel base plate which can be used on most types of cookers and a formed silicone body which lets it differentiate between a cooking height15.8 cm and 7.6 cm after being collapsed for storage.